Friday, August 1, 2014

Longer Term Ideas - 1

Right, not the best for updating stuff on account of lazyness and generally lazyness. Now that's out of the way some gibber on the long term.

This particular version of J.A.M.O.T. is supposed to be based upon survival game as in you are in the wilderness eat plants and kill animals and probably NPC's and eat them.

I have been thinking of expanding the crude world engine to be more destructive and go for more of a Urban/City look. I blame "Silent Storm" and "Marauder: Man of Prey" for this influence. J.A.M.O.T.: City if you will. Stuff like Movement, Camera, and some of UI should be exactly the same. Its the Squad control idea that I am iffy with, partly as in plain J.A.M.O.T. you are solo main PC, and partly its a dose more work. On the other hand having back or the option to do multiple missions at once around the city would be a good help.

I still intend having a "start buck naked with no equipment in hostile area" option as people like playing that way and its not that bad. Be even easier when I get components of loot working. So you can strip and repurpose stuff. Stick can be a resource compnent as well as a weapon.

Many idea and a lack of coding time is not helping me much.

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