Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NPC Human - Mini Race - Male & Female

J.A.M.O.T. NPC Male Regular J.A.M.O.T. NPC Female Regular

NPC Male & Female
Regular Weight Body.

These are the Midget race, and at 4ft and 3ft 8" they should be small enough. 3ft was a little too much so 4ft or 0.67 scaled from regular human. About 0.30 volume if scaled properly, but I do not think MakeHuman does this. But the 0.30 is a figure I will use for in game calculations.

These originally were to be a race of 3ft tall hominids like the Homo floresiensis but  could not get the upper jaw to look correct in MakeHuman. So I just went for a more normal human shape overall. The tall head came from reading about the Paracas Skulls, the mutant humans in S. America that have gone extint. So now the race is short and pointy headed and according to the Giants they taste very nice as well.

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